Pro Active IT Security

“Having a mature IT security program means addressing your IT security risks when they are not a at critical phase yet.”

Identify, prioritize and solve.

Videntix’s Pro-Active IT Security (PAITS) program supports our clients in protecting business critical systems and sensitive data, whilst emphasizing on security in every aspect of your operations.

PAITS is an integral risk framework approach with professional focus. We collect information about the risks, threats and vulnerabilities to identify threat sources and events. The uses of a comprehensive risk management framework (ISO31000) assist in determining which threats are likely to occur and have a magnitude of impact on your business critical systems.


The PAITS program includes an evaluation of:

  • Analysis of risk Situations
  • Supervision and control programs.
  • Self protection plans
  • Analysis and diagnosis of the system
  • Technical or strategic deficiencies
  • Interferences among systems, equipment and devices
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the system

At Videntix we identify IT security risks with a view to evaluating real and potential threats, assessing current security measures and providing an independent report with measures relevant to each situation.

Pro-actively map out IT security strategy and be prepared to deal with threats and vulnerabilities before they materialize. Our consultants support our clients with designing secure networks to protect business critical systems and sensitive data that enable our client’s continuity, compliancy and profitability.

Videntix can also determine your exposure to attacks, by performing thorough system penetration tests. These audits provide recommendations and guidelines for dealing with potential threats, both on system and operational level.

Protect your business from data breaches, damaged brand reputation and disruption of services.

Contact us if you want to minimize your organizational risks in a cost-effective manor.