“Knowing the facts will help recover losses and prevent recurrence.”

Our professional investigators operate under government license and are trained in “electronic backtracking” of CNP transaction trails through financial intermediaries back to merchants. We partner with experts in sophisticated sciences like forensic accounting, information technology and financial security systems to ensure the full spectrum of the violation is taken into account.

When suspicious and unusual transactions or violations are detected, Videntix covertly investigate the event to uncover any electronic and physical evidence in a discrete and urgently manner. Our investigators also identify potential assets for recovery and work with your legal specialist and law enforcement to trace the misappropriated funds. If required Videntix provides expert testimony to explain our findings.

Videntix works with independent financial experts in reviewing and analyzing complex financial information to uncovering the facts, and provide insight.

Many credit card programs rely on third-party agents such as acquiring banks and payment service providers (PSP) to supplement the payment process. Financial institutions that working with third-party agents accept the risks related to the services provided by its agents. Therefore Videntix recommends, in specified cases, to complete a thorough due diligence review of the third-party.

Our reviews are risk-based and consist of undisclosed elements along side, but not limited to, financial assessments and background and reference checks. We combine digital investigation with field investigations to establish a full profile of the agent.


Videntix also provides merchant due diligence, consisting but not limited to:

  • Credit check
  • Background investigation
  • Reference check
  • Legal analysis

Our investigators’ backgrounds vary across the fields of intelligence gathering, law enforcement, civil litigation, investigative journalism, accounting and forensics, data analytics and cyber security.

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