“At the heart of credit card processing compliance”

Videntix is an internationally focused organization that supports companies in the payment card industry, such as payment service providers (PSP), in managing their compliance risk management programs.

As credit card compliance risks are presented by an increasing variety of online payment channels, financial institutions face considerable challenges in tracking down all types of compliance risks and fraud. The complex constructions of some fraud practices or money laundering schemes may even confuse their existing fraud-detection mechanisms.

While merchants may choose to track their transactional data by channel or not, financial institutions have little capability to determine which channel was used to make a fraudulent card not present (CNP) purchase. We provide specified services to mitigate the risks involved in CNP transactions.


Videntix will search for, detect and react to specified CNP transaction violations. In selected cases we use creative and innovative solutions to counter and recover fraudulent or noncompliant CNP transactions at the discretion of our clients.

At Videntix we take a risk-based approach to monitoring CNP transactions for illegal activity. We tailor our solutions to fit the client’s specific requirement to uncover suspicious transactions and rogue online merchants more efficiently. The use of a risk management framework enables our clients to streamline their monitoring and review processes.

Number of Fraudulent Transactions Prevented and Completed  in 2013 and 2014*

Number of successful fraudulent transactions per merchant per year

91 in 2013
133 in 2014

Number of prevented fraudulent transactions per merchant per year

94 in 2013
165 in 2014

*(source: True Cost of Fraud Study, LexisNexis, 2014)

Value of successful fraudulent transactions per merchant per year

155$ in 2013
114$ in 2014

Value of successful fraudulent transactions per merchant per year

151$ in 2013
113$ in 2014


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Videntix delivers a globally consistent set of multidisciplinary services based on deep industry knowledge with experts specializing in risk, advisory and financial transaction.

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While our name may be new, our foundation isn’t. We have a history of integrating risk and performance in management consulting, long-standing partnerships, and operational excellence.

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Financial institutions would benefit considerably from a more comprehensive and integrated risk management approach that takes into account strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks.

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“Financial performance is highly correlated with the level of integration and coordination across risk, control and compliance functions.”

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